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Reverend Jenny

Welcome to another Shameless Self Promotion hosted by Dottie the Psychic. This episode we have a person that I have personally seen being active in the community, and pitching it to fight for our rights as human beings. Meet my favorite faith organizer for the ACLU.

Rev. Jenny Williams (she/her) has been a United Methodist pastor in West Virginia for over 20 years, serving churches in small towns in Harrison and Preston County, as well as in Morgantown. In each community she has led her congregations into relationships with people who have been historically excluded by society and the Church. She is committed to queer justice and anti-racism work and has been organizing since before she knew there was a word for it.

Jenny is currently building two networks for social change and liberation in West Virginia. The WV Faith Leaders Network connects, mobilizes, and resources clergy of all faiths around needs in the state about which they are personally passionate. Justice & Jubilee is a movement of progressive Christians in WV and beyond which offers justice-centered online worship, small groups, a podcast, and a blog.

Jenny, who co-founded Beer & Hymns Morgantown, enjoys being outside as much as possible, preferably hiking or kayaking, and is a fan of college hoops. Born and raised in a Los Angeles suburb, she is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and Duke Divinity School. She and her partner live in Morgantown. They have two kids in college and an extremely social dog and cat.

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