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Frequently AskedQuestions 

What about the Lotto numbers? 

If I have the answer you wouldn't know.

This is honestly a demeaning question, but I try not to get offended right off the bat. A lot of people ask this question to break the ice. Usually, my pet response is if I had the numbers I wouldn't be out here working. Truth is that sort of thing is not what a psychic is supposed to do. There are ethical lines as well as practical limits. I might be able to help you improve your luck but chances are I'm not going to make you one in a billion. If I could I would make one of my friends one in a billion because honestly they already are.

What is going on in my house?

There are a lot of things that go bump in the night. The best way to figure out what it’s bumping is to sit down and talk about what you are observing.  Defiantly look into practical problems as we figure out the spiritual cause.  Chaotic energy can manifest in a need for home repairs. Figuring out the source of the chaotic energy and getting an idea about what to do usually takes about 30 minutes. It’s better to do this in person.

Let’s talk about it, but also get a Carbon monoxide detector.

Do you belive in God?

Most of them.

I am a Pagan. Not all Pagans believe the same exact way.  That's part of what makes Paganism such a beautiful and prefect choose for me. I believe in many gods and goddesses.  If you would like to know more about my view on  Paganism click here.  Also, check out Metro Valley Pagan Pride.

How does this work?

I use tools and intuition to help you find your spiritual path.

This is actually two questions. The first is how divination itself works. It’s worth a video, but basically, I look at the energetic imprint around you. The other question is what are my services? Here is the service page.  If this doesn’t answer your question or you just want a deeper answer feel free to book an appointment and we can talk about it. If you are just angry about what I have to say then do some soul searching before you call. 

Can you talk to dead people?

Yes, but they don't always talk back.

The service the person is asking for is mediumship.  I can do it, but I can’t make people show up.  In fact someone completely different may show up. I’m not going to keep connecting with the same person over and over, but I’ll be glad to help you build that connection for yourself.  Ancestor work is a very important part of my spirituality especially with people I knew in life. I would love to help you rekindle that relationship with your loved one, but I’m not taking advantage of someone's grief.

Would you psychic spy on someone for me?

Rarely is this question asked so directly. More often people ask, “What is so and so doing right now?” or “How does so and so feel about me?” or a lot of other ways.  This question sounds innocuous enough but can be an indicator of an obsession.  If you don’t trust them you shouldn’t be with them. If they won’t talk to you there is no relationship. The best thing you can do is to have a little self-respect.  Don’t perso someone that makes you beg for attention, because at least one of you will always be unhappy. Now if you’re just wanting to reignite the spark in marriage let’s talk.  Communication is a skill that requires practice. 

No, and let's talk about consent.

Is it free?

It’s hard to respond to this question without becoming very defensive of my value as a person.  I do my best to help and entertain people.  I deserve to be able to support myself.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a video on all the reasons people don’t believe you should charge, but some of them really suck, and I don’t know if I have the stomach for it. I have done many charity readings, but if you're not willing to make a trade of equal value don’t call. 

No, I have to eat too.

Can I bring a friend?

Make sure this is someone you trust as we may be taking a deep look at your life. That being said I know that getting a reading can be a little scary.  It can also be a lot of fun and that’s something people want to share.  It’s really common for friends to each go in half on an hour reading and then split the time. I also do party rates as well.

Absolutely, you can even share your time.

What am I going to do?

The link in the answer is not a comprehensive list of resources.  Most problems require a spiritual and practical response.  I am here for spiritual advice that is what I do.  We can work on a practical plan together.  If you know of a resource that should be added to this list let me know on the resource page 

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