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Code of Ethics 

My Ethics

  1. I am going to tell you what I see and will speak in my client’s best interests.

  2. I will maintain the confidentiality of client information and our discussion unless you request otherwise, or I am required to do so by a court of law. Additionally, I will report any concerns of child or elder abuse or exploitation.

  3. I will always be authentic and will respect my clients regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

  4. I will not give medical, legal, or financial advice that I am unqualified to give, and will clearly differentiate any professional advice I am qualified to provide as independent from the reading.

  5. I will clearly state all fees with my clients in advance and will clearly indicate when additional fees and receive client consent before continuing to provide services that will cause a client to incur additional charges.

  6. I will not give advice beyond my skill level or misrepresent my qualifications, certifications, or experience.

  7. I will respect my clients’ right to refuse or terminate their reading.

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