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Hi I'm Dottie the Psychic  

Welcome to my madness. I hope you enjoy.

Dottie Sayre is the first president of Metro Valley Pagan Pride, but you may recognize them by their business name. Dottie the Psychic has been a fixture of the Pagan community for around half a decade. They emerged from a backwoods bar reading fortunes for beer to become a well-renowned psychic, entertainer, and advocate for mental health, the lgbtq, and the pagan community.  


Just so you know I’m writing this for myself, but it’s all true I swear. Hi, I'm a neurodivergent, mentally ill, non-binary, pagan, psych who started reading fortunes at the backwoods bar my ex used to drag me out to. Back in the good old bad days, people would ask me,” Are you the psychic?” I would reply,” Yeah, I’m Dottie…the psychic.”  The name not only stuck but became my battle cry. Dottie the Psychic became the name of the person I wanted to be when I didn’t want to be the person I was anymore. Dottie the Psychic doesn’t let herself be made small, so I stopped letting myself be made small. Dottie the Psychic goes to events, so I went to events.  After a year or so of going to events, I took the money I had made and started my new life.  Thus began the ballad of Dottie the Psychic.  


Over the next few years, I was able to start getting on my feet. I  began to work on my video skills with vlogs from local events and the occasional scripted video. Things weren’t moving at the pace I wanted them to untell the pandemic happened and illuminated outside distractions. It also meant that I didn’t have to get an office to do readings since no one was meeting in person. As restrictions began to lift I gained a reputation for meeting people in graveyards and coffee shops. Very on-brand, but also a little risky. That’s why I got an office in November of 2022.

While content production has ebed and flowed with life I’m still proud.  I’ve got video essays on a little bit of everything psychic. My podcast is helping other professionals to connect with new clients and each other. I’m in an office now. That’s a big thing for a small business. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m nowhere near done.  I have so many half-done scripts and guest hosts that I've had to work on prioritizing them.  Don’t worry though I will always have time for clients because helping people is my true passion. I know gag me with a spoon, but I really do try to help as many people as possible. 


Speaking of helping people, It’s been a great honor to help found Metro Valley Pagan Pride. We are a non-profit group that is working toward promoting and building social programs for Pagans and members of alternative religions. It’s hard to tell you what all the counsel is up to in a bio about me, so check out We’ve also got a Patreon and a Facebook.  This is a chance to get involved in our community. 


If you would like to see more of my content, or you looking for psychic services you can find more information at  I also do dream interpretation, some mediumship, and other spirit work. I also have a Facebook, YouTube, and Patreon.  Don’t worry links are on the header of the website. 


My dearly departed dad used to say something. I didn’t understand why he would say this thing whenever he was parting with other merchants. He told me it doesn’t cost you anything to wish someone well. That’s why I end all of my content with,” Safe travel, and much profit to ya.”


Dottie is an excellent psychic and reader. Dottie told me things about my upbringing, current situation and how to move forward from here. Something I absolutely appreciate is that Dottie is upfront and will tell you how it is and what you need to hear. No sugar coating. 100/10 recommend

Torie Frye

Dottie is a wonderful reader! She makes the expierence comfortable and easy to open up!


Talking to Dottie was like talking to a long lost sister. She understood exactly what I was trying to ask. 

How can I help you dear?

Are you looking for services, inquiring about a project, or wanting to be on a show?  The more information the better.

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