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Hi I'm Dottie 

Welcome to my madness. I hope you enjoy.

Hi I’m Dottie the Psychic and this article is all about being a neurodivergent, mentally ill, queer psychic. It’s funny when people ask me how long I’ve been psychic. The answer is as long as everything else is on the list.  These are the biggest public aspects of myself. Not only are they personal identifiers, but my source of entertainment.  As interesting as I think I am, there is a higher intention. 


I put forth the intention to help witches and bitches to live their best lives. That is the goal of all my work.  I’m having a lot of fun in the course of this work, but I’ve also laid my psyche bare in front of untold numbers of total strangers and my community.  This is the sacrifice I have made knowing and willingly, with enthusiasm even. 


A big chunk of what’s been shared is very heavy. Things that will affect me for the rest of my life are just out there for the public to fat finger at their leisure.  I can’t just do this for income and entertainment.  I have to believe that a sacrifice like this will cast a light into the darkness and help others find their own path.  I really hope my chronic oversharing reaches people that are where I was and sometimes still am.  I’m not here to tell you how to live, unless you want to pay me for that. The point is I don’t have my life together, but I’m a lot happier than I was.  I want to share what worked for me and make a space for people to share what worked for you.


FYI AM NOT A THERAPIST. Also, This article is not just about the heavy stuff. It’s also about finding joy in the absurdity of this whole third dimension.  Finding your path is just the first big step that ultimately you have to do on your own. It doesn't all have to suck.  Together let’s look at some of the things we can put between us and the suck. 


Life is a trip and we all know how it’s going to end.  Ride with me for a while.  Enjoy the chaos of creation, destruction, and madness. I’ll open my mind for you to look inside if you will but consider my words.  Why suffer from what makes us different when we can adapt and thrive in ways the mundane will never understand?  We are the masters of our destiny. Safe travel and much profit to you.


Dottie is an excellent psychic and reader. Dottie told me things about my upbringing, current situation and how to move forward from here. Something I absolutely appreciate is that Dottie is upfront and will tell you how it is and what you need to hear. No sugar coating. 100/10 recommend

Torie Frye

Dottie is a wonderful reader! She makes the expierence comfortable and easy to open up!


Talking to Dottie was like talking to a long lost sister. She understood exactly what I was trying to ask. 

How can I help you dear?

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