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Here is what AI had to say:

Madam Tortuga's Oracle Deck is an intuitive and enchanting tool to help you access your inner wisdom. Each card features unique art and is packaged in a beautiful and luxurious box. This deck has been carefully crafted to help you connect with your higher self and find more profound insight into your life. With this deck, you can open up to the spirit realm and access the answers you seek. Madam Tortuga's Oracle Deck is an invaluable tool for any spiritual seeker.


This is not a Tarot deck. This is an intuitve deck.  Therer are 6 suits. 5 of those suits have 10 cards and one has 4.  The reason is the publisher was set up for pocker decks.  This is not a pocker deck, but I hope you do shufle in the extra cards.  


What do I mean by intuitve deck? 

The way I see it there are three ways to read any deck. You can memorize each meaning.  You can develop an assosiation graph, or you can use the card art to help open your mind and build a relationship with your cards that is unque to you.  


Non of these ways are bad. In fact some treditions require you to memorize the standard meanings of the Tarots major arcana. This is not a tarot deck so there aren't really any meaning to memorize. There are symbols that effect the mean. The suit effects the meaning, as does the number.   Everyone should get there own meaning from each card. You may memorize those meanings as they come to you, but I didn't have a guide when I drew the originals over a decade ago and you don't need one either. 


I am including a signed one page zine booklet to help guide you with numerology and suit assosiation.  It also has my favorit spread.  

That is not all folk.  I couldn't get the boxes and stones in time to put up pictures, but they are super cool. You'll just have to buy the deck to see them. 


Madam Tortuga's Oracle Deck

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