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Shameless Self Promotion with BlueNightt and Raven Flowers

Welcome to another Shameless Self Promotion hosted by Dottie the Psychic. This episode we have two witchy content creators you may recognize. We talk about a little of everything in the witch community. Hi! My name is Raven. I have had witchy tendencies since I was 4 years old but actively started my practice in 2014. I identify as a green, kitchen, sea, and intuitive Bi-sexual crone psychic medium.  There have been a lot of challenges in my life, and I have survived much. I am an artist, a mad hatter, and a 3rd generation floral designer/ event planner. Experience in marketing, legal, customer service, hospitality, and executive administration is found on my resume. I have recently received my officiant certificate. I am the founder and co owner of Sabbath Social and manage 3 youtube channels. BlueNightt (he/her/they/them) is a practicing witch of almost 20 years. He grew up in midwestern Appalachia in a small village in southern Ohio. Though BlueNightt was not raised Pagan he believed in magick for as long as he can remember. Growing up surrounded by the spirits of the land, sky and sea, he was often visited by strangers no one else seemed to experience. When he was 11 the spirits he had interacted with on a regular basis introduced him to something he always believed was real, witchcraft. Wicca was his stepping stone into developing his own practice and as he grew and studied more he found walking walking off the Wiccan path and eventually just introducing himself as a witch. BlueNightt has his own YouTube channel in which he vlogs, shares a bit of his practice with us, and also holds a bi weekly show purely for entertainment called “Drunken Divinations” which is cohosted by his best friend of over 20 years, GoatFish. BlueNightt also runs his own business in which he develops his personal brand Cunning Owl Creations and he has also started a new business venture, Sabbath Social which is also witch and pagan oriented. He co operates this new business with his friend and fellow YouTube witch Raven Flower and together they host multiple virtual and in person events through Sabbath Social to spread community and safe and sacred space to those who need it. Find more at:

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