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Dear Dottlings

This is me trying to get content out of something I already have to do, but let’s make it fun anyway. I’m going to make up three clients and I want to know if you identify with any of them. The point of this is to better serve my audience by understanding them. If one of these resonates with you let me know. If not then tell me a little more about yourself.
Taylor, Lucas
Client 1: Emma is an experienced magical practitioner. Some call her a bit Gate keepy, but the truth is she just doesn’t have time for fools. She’s not really a fan of all this social media crap, but likes to keep up with the family and,if she’s honest, the drama on Facebook. If you’re going to tell her about her subject, then you better make it real and give it some depth. Yes, she will call you out. She knows who she is and knows that any crystal will repel a negative person if you hit them with it hard enough. Love is love and Halloween is a lifestyle.

Client 2: Taylor isn’t sure about anything right now except they can’t mask anymore. They have always been told they didn’t fit, but they tried till it broke them anyway. Now they are looking for a whole new perspective. They are relearning how to connect to themselves and the world. They’re learning a new vocabulary. They are transformed with intention. That’s a lot to go through and it’s nice to have someone else talk about what they have gone through in coming out into the world again, maybe for the first time.

Client 3: Lucas just needs to talk to someone. His mom and his ex-wife used to talk about psychics. He’s seen enough to believe there’s something more than smoke and mirrors to it. If there wasn’t something going on he’d be happy enough to leave it alone. Mostly what he needs is someone with a clue to talk to. Buddy, I’m here for you too. I may not have an answer, but we’ll figure something out.

Feel free to gender swap any of these characters to make them fit. You can totally be a Dottling even if you don’t fit one of these characters. As a matter of fact, I would like to know more about you in the comments. I love all of you guys, and I really want to hear more from you. Let me know what I can do to make the Dottling experience even better. Safe travel and much profit to ya.

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