Journaling Exercise: What Is An Epic Line That Has Stuck With You?

Hello, My Dotlings!

“We’re not lost, we’re having an adventure “, I can still hear Grandma say. I was a little taken aback at the time. To be fair we were lost, and jet-lagged in London. This was a brand-new experience for me, but my world traveling grandmother was so nonchalant about the situation that I couldn’t even respond. The grace and ease of how she handled anything that life threw at her was inspiring.

My complete lack of directional sense has given me cause to repeat her like a mantra at times. No matter how lost I feel I’m only having an adventure. That helps me to laugh. Thinking that way also makes it easier to ask for directions. It’s embarrassing to be lost, but if you’re having an adventure then interacting with people is just part of the journey.

So much of how we live our lives has to do with mindset. Reminding ourselves that temporary delays are only a side quest is a great way to get back to our great journey. I also think it’s funny. I still laugh when I’m able to say. “We’re not lost. We’re having an adventure.”  Try it some time.

Tell me in the comments what your epic line is. You can also check me out on Patreon, Keen, YouTube, and wherever Anchor podcast distributes.

Safe Travel and Much Profit To You.

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