What Do You Do to Bring Prosperity to Your Life?

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Prosperity is one of the top three things I get asked about as a psychic.  It’s part of my job to help people to be open to letting prosperity flow in.  It seems like it would be easy, but even I have a hard time saying yes to what I need to live a better life. 

Sometimes all you have to do is start taking care of yourself a little. Like drinking more water. As we let the water flow into us we can bring things in with it.  Thoughts and ideas flow like the water in and help us wash out things that no longer work for our situation.  

Cleaning out the workspace is also a great way to make space for new things.  Okay, I’m not going to just make this a list of things I need to do. At this point, the struggle to keep my room in a state that I can actually work in is a running joke. It really does help when I get it to where I can actually work. 

The big takeaway here is you can make prosperity part of your award system for completing tasks.  It feels good to complete a task.  We should internalize that sense of accomplishment.  We’ll talk about reducing some of the impediments in different journal exercises. 

Let me know in the comments what you do to help you feel more prosperous.  If you like these exercises let me know by leaving me a 5-star review on Google

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I am so grateful that I am doing what I love. Fortune telling came to me when I was thirteen, but magic has always been a part of my life. Both have allowed me to help people with all manner of spiritual concerns. This business gives me a way to share my love and assist others in figuring out their lives.

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