Shameless Self Promotion with TheOptimist.

TheOptimist Monday 10th at 8pm

 Hi, I am TheOptimist. You can call me TheO, Zack or Zechariah. Thank

you for taking the time to look at my bio. I hold a PhD in spiritual

counseling and life coaching. All of my work is infused with a level of

understanding and empathy for your situation. I am ordained through

the Metaphysical Church Humanistic Science.

I am traditionally trained with a background in education and hold

masters in English. Additionally, I hold a bachelors in metaphysical

science and a masters in metaphysical communication. I have been

reading tarot since 2010 (certified through the Tarot Certification

Board of America). I also work with other oracle cards and use natal

astrology as a psychological tool to help folks understand things about


A reading with me can include elements of tarot/oracle, breathing

exercises, singing bowl tones, chakra balancing, grounding, tarot dice,

saging, some astrology, and a lot of love.

I do work as a medium although I cannot guarantee that your loved one

will come through. I go by the feeling and I go by the presence. If they

have a message for you that is appropriate to come through me, I’ll do

3my best to decipher and deliver. -This is also included in the reading

should a loved one come through.

While I am optimistic, I’m also realistic and will not tell you what you

want to hear unless my tools and feelings acknowledge that it is what

you need to hear. My goal with any reading is to provide you with a

heightened and enlightened perspective on your situation. We will

work to help you understand the influences that are affecting you at

the moment of the reading. My hope is that you leave our session with a

sense of understanding and direction.

You can find me on Facebook @theoptimistuniverse!

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