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Shameless Self Promotion with Lady Gwen

Lady Gwendolyn is High Priestess and Founder of Rowan Temple of Light. She has been hosting gatherings connecting the community since 2012. She is The Hostess of Central West Virginia Pagan Pride. She is an Animist, Elevationists, Witch following an Eclectic Path. She Founded Pagan Day of Prayer celebrated on the 25th of March. To Lady Gwendolyn, Central West Virginia Pagan Pride is about Networking our community, finding commonalities, and building together, finding your Family. Central West Virginia Pagan Pride began in 2020. Lady Gwendolyn is a Spiritual Life Coach, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Tarot reader, Numerologist, Astrologist and Reiki practitioner who has additional training in Access Bars, Spiritual Healing as well as Crystal and Sound Healing, who specializes in Shadow work and helping people reach their full potential. This is her divine purpose, let’s find yours. As a Shadow Practitioner, I help you work through your Shadow Self to create a path to a better version of yourself. A Shadow Journey with me includes a Astrology Birth Chart, #traumaandtarot, and Energy Healing. With her Hashtag #traumaandtarot She draws 3 cards on Tuesdays to see what Trauma is suggested to work through for the Week. Lady Gwendolyn Also has a Show Called Trauma Talk where she explores Mental Health and even her own Personal Bipolar experiences. You can find her Blog Shadow Talk on her Website. Currently you can find Lady Gwendolyn posting on her social media with Card of the Day and Astrology Videos. Gwendolyn

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