Journaling Exercise: Write About Something You Did That You’re Proud Of

I grew up in the Society for Creative Anachronism and we have events with merchants. After my return from exile, or marriage, I didn’t feel like I was capable of really anything, but my friends did and they asked me to step in and be in charge of the merchants.

I didn’t even think I was going to be able to make it to the event, but a bunch of things came together. They needed someone bad enough to cover a few things, and a friend got me there.

The merchants loved me. I’ve known some of them my whole life and they were downright excited to see me. I actually got a local award for helping out. I was really proud that they felt like they could ask. I was also proud of the job I did without much warning.

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I am so grateful that I am doing what I love. Fortune telling came to me when I was thirteen, but magic has always been a part of my life. Both have allowed me to help people with all manner of spiritual concerns. This business gives me a way to share my love and assist others in figuring out their lives.