Journaling Exercise: Write About a Funny Thing That Happened to You

One evening back in my nursing days I was passing medication to my residents. I go in to give medication to one of my residents in the dining area and she askes me to take another resident out of the dining area because she is yelling at the preacher. 

I don’t know why she was upset, this preacher had been telling the same sermon every Wednesday and Sunday for like a decade, but resident one felt that resident two was disruptive.  

The preacher didn’t seem to notice that resident two was literally barking at him.  As I’m escorting resident two out of the dining area she yells at the top of her lungs, “You can’t preach the gospel when you’re drunk as a dog” I’m not convinced that the preacher ever took a drink in his life. 

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I am so grateful that I am doing what I love. Fortune telling came to me when I was thirteen, but magic has always been a part of my life. Both have allowed me to help people with all manner of spiritual concerns. This business gives me a way to share my love and assist others in figuring out their lives.