Journaling Exercise: What is Your Favorite Type of Divination

Dear Dottlings

Let’s keep it light this week. What is your favorite type of divination? Most people will automatically say Tarot. It’s a good place to start, but there are a lot of other systems of cards. There are a lot of other systems that are not cards. Every culture has several, often choosing one based on what they are trying to divine.

That brings us to a deeper way of looking at this question. If I’m not talking about the system being used then what do I mean by type of divination? There are still a couple of directions we can go with this question. Like do I mean in person vs over zoom. If that was the question I would definitely say rapid fire psychic fairs are my favorit. They will definitely clear your third eye and they can really put you in a high energy pleace. That’s not really where I’m going either, but I would love to hear opinions.

That only really leaves two meanings as I see it. One would be what is your favorite subject. Hands down dream interpretation. The last one is the one I’m trying to get to. What are your thoughts on the metaphysical mechanics of divination?

The answer to this question is a deeply personal one whose answer can leave you a little vulnerable. I don’t actually intend to answer this question here as anything short of a book with at least 3 footnotes per page falls short of the point. The point of this post is not nessatartaly to answer these kinds of questions, but to stop and think about them.

Let’s rephrase the question. What about divination sparks joy for you. You can leave an answer in the comments or you can tell me right here on Keen.

Safe Travel and Much profit to you.

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