Journaling Exercise: What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory? Write About It

I know this may be an extra hard one for some of us, but even if your childhood was…. less than ideal.  Maybe you made a new friend that has stuck with you or went somewhere that was a lot of fun.

My memory is of Christmas.  We always went to my Grandma and Opa’s house.  Every Christmas Eve my Opa would tell the family Santa story.  One year after we had gone to bed he went around and rang jingle bells.

In the morning dad would come in and sing “We Wish You A Mary Christmas”   Mom was a nurse so sometimes it would be 4 am when we got up.  Opa would get a fire going on the porch. Grandma would make a casserole the night before and put it in the oven before we went outside.

The cookies and milk would be gone and there would be so many wonderful things waiting for us to open.

I miss those Christmases.  Sometimes it’s hard to think about them because so many of the people are gone now.  Sometimes they come to me in my dreams and I know by remembering these good times I keep them alive in my heart.

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