Journaling Exercise: What Are Your Morals?

Hello, My Dottlings!

Let’s talk about the morals you live by. Take a little time to think before you answer this. What are the standards you want to be defined by? Do you live by them?

I always remember my dad talking about how he was raised with Baptists morals. He told me that a lot of the things he was taught about right or wrong didn’t work for him. Living up to the standard he felt was set for him was impossible.

He became an alcoholic. In the process of getting sober, he had to take a hard look at the standards he could live with. Purity was out. Humility defiantly has to be tempered. By the time I was old enough to understand, he only had two morals to give me.

My father told me, “Be honest and be kind, don’t worry too much about the rest.” Nice and simple. Sometimes, it’s hard to be either. Sometimes, you can’t be both at once. A lot of times they’re harder to direct inward than outward. Virtue really isn’t supposed to be easy.

I’m not saying this always makes me the best person in the world. If someone is rude to me they are libel do get a dose of honest right in their face. On the other hand, sometimes it’s kinder to me to not tell everyone the truth about my opinion. You know how it goes.

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Safe Travels and Much Profit to You.

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