Journaling Exercise: What Are You Proud Of?

Dear Dottlings,

We have all heard that Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Too much can be too much, but it’s good to have. As someone that has had to recreate myself in my early 30s it’s something I have lived with very little. It gives us the backbone we need to stand for what we know is right and true. I think back on those times and see how easy it was to roll over me. I let that happen because I did not have the conviction of self to even let others know they were putting me in bad situation after bad situation.

I am proud of who I have become. I’m not so proud as to be above honest critique. Life is a process of change. Sometimes ignorance and bad information tinges my views. Being proud is not the same as being above reproach or unyielding. That being said, because of my pride in myself I will not tolerate people trying to make me less than what I know myself to be. I’ve worked far too hard to compromise my progress, my mental health, and my reputation.

Enjoy Pride month and let me know what you are proud of in the comments.

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

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