Journaling Exercise: Roe v Wade, What Do We Do Now?

“Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum”

–A Handmaid’s Tale

Dear Dottlings,

I don’t want to run anyone off, but I have to speak my peace. I don’t want this to be a political blog, but by now everyone knows about Roe vs Wade. This is a loss of rights that can not be ignored. We need a plan. We need action. What do we do now? What is the plan?

I’m not an expert, but I’ll give you what information I have. Please do the same in the comments. Let’s break this down.

Keep these in mind:

  • Share accurate information.
    Listen to the experts. We can not afford to spread misinformation. We need to listen to the people that have made the front line of this issue their career.
  • Go to rallies.
    July 9th at 2pm at the WV capital there will be a rally. If you can make it please go. If you can’t keep an eye out for the next one and share the information.
  • Donate to reputable organizations.
    Here are a couple that I know of. I will add more as I find them. Do the same.
  • Register to Vote!
    Update your voter registration. Here is the official site. We have to vote to fix this.
  • Educate yourself on the issues.
    Here is where you can find out what is on your ballot. We have to know what we are agreeing to. We can no longer allow ourselves to be ignorant about who or what we are a part of.
  • Vote in person or by mail.
    Here is a place to find your poll.
  • Protect yourself and others.
    Do not share the list of herbs. Folks, that is dangerous. Herbs are not a safe alternative, and desperate people will take desperate measures. There are a lot of factors that go into creating the right dose. Some of the ones I’ve seen will kill a person.
  • Monitor your communication.
    Here is some good general tech advice. Assume your information can be seen. VPN’s and encryption are something we should all be doing already.
  • Delete your period tracker.
    Your information is a product. None of this is going to help you if you announce yourself on social media. Pen and paper are harder to track, but easier to read.
  • Remember this is not the beginning and it will not be the end.
    “Let us not talk falsely now the hour is getting late.” –Jimmy Hendriks
    There is work ahead of us. We must look to history to understand what work must be done.
  • Watch your money.
    I’m talking about cash. We should all have a little cash on hand. In case you decide to go camping and don’t want your spouse to know where you are.
  • Don’t make yourself an easy target.
    Don’t walk alone flying your colors or carrying your signs. Don’t let people know where you live. Don’t be a martyr.
  • Humanize yourself.
    “As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons” –Desiderata
    Stick with me. I have a big task that could save your life.
    • Make friends among your allies.
      Get to know your group. These are the people standing next to you in this movement. The closer the bond the harder it is to break. We are many parts of a whole in this struggle.
    • Make friends with your neighbors.
      Yes, the one with the flags and the bitch with the dog. The sad fact is hurting a stranger you don’t agree with is satisfying. Hurting a friendly neighbor is heartbreaking. I’m not asking you to lick boots. Just take cookies and try to be nice. Here is some mountain wisdom for you: In the country the cops only show up to clean up and only if they are called. When something happened at my house, it was the Korean vet and the right wing nut that checked on me. Luckily, it was just a misunderstanding, but they are the ones that came to my aid.
  • Control your rage, don’t let it control you.
    Counter protesters and those that wish to degrade our message want us to lash out. They want us to act out and make a mess that they can point at.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

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