Journaling Exercise: Make a Chapter Outline for a Book to Help Someone in Your Situation, or a Situation You Have Dealt With

Title: Pulling your shit together. Learning to work with opportunities and issues.

Chapter 1: Let that shit out? This chapter is about feeling what you feel. No one really knows how you feel about your situation. It’s not really anyone’s business, but yours. It’s natural to look down when crossing the cesium, but now we have to deal with that. This is the pep talk part.

Chapter 2: Get your shit in a basket. It’s probably a good idea to know what your resources are. Might also be a good idea to figure out what your needs are. You can’t make a plan without an understanding of what you are really working with.

Chapter 3: Where are you taking this shit? Here is the big question in life. What do you want out of life? Where do you want to go? If your in an emergency situation safety may be the answer. It’s a starting point. Stable income, adventure, travel, a short bus, are all parts of the direction I want to go. Sometimes, all you can see is the next step, but that’s still a start in the right direction.

Chapter 4: Check out someone that has done this shit. Research bitch. It’s a thing. No one is on the path your on, but you. That being said, somebody has probably walked down this street before. There is a lot of wisdom in the person that can learn from anthers mistakes and victories.

Chapter 5: What are you doing with this shit? Making a viable plan. Make multiple plans. Make plans to get back to the original plan. A plan is useless Planning is indispensable

Chapter 6: Make that shit happen. Take action. Do the thing

Chapter 7: Take a look at this shit. Did the plan work? Rock that shit, then go to Chapter 8. Did it have issues? Take a good look at what could have done better then go to Chapter 8. Totally blow up? Go to Chapter 8.

Chapter 8: Start this shit from the beginning. Whether you are starting the next step or starting over you have to start somewhere.

Chapter 9: If you like this shit help a bitch out. Share this with a friend. If I can get some feedback I may do something with this shit.

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