Journaling Exercise: It’s Mercury Retrograde, How Are You Doing?

Hello, My Dotlings!

It’s no secret that I have not been on the ball. I could blame Mercury, but it’s probably my fault. There’s no question though. Things have gotten weird. I’m hoping to make a video about it on my YouTube channel.

Every time Mercury goes into retrograde I get paperwork with my former name on it. This time my business debit card got shut off one morning.

Let me know what weird things are going on in your neck of the woods. Don’t worry we will make it through this. While we wait you can check out my link tree.

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

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I am so grateful that I am doing what I love. Fortune telling came to me when I was thirteen, but magic has always been a part of my life. Both have allowed me to help people with all manner of spiritual concerns. This business gives me a way to share my love and assist others in figuring out their lives.