Journaling Exercise: How Does Your Body Feel When You’re Happy?

Hello, My Dottlings!

This one is going to be easy for some. If you are feeling good, then I’m happy for you. The rest of us may take a minute. The purpose of this exercise is to intentionally feel better. If you need to take a moment to get in the mood then go for it, but come back and do the exercise.

Sometimes remembering happy things helps. They don’t have to be big things. Thinking about little victories, or funny jokes helps.

Let’s get started. What does your face feel like? Do you feel lighter or more relaxed? I feel happiness in my chest and face. My eyes feel more open. It’s easier to breathe. I actually feel lighter and more athletic.

Let me know how your body feels when you are happy in the comments. You can also reach me on Keen, Youtube, or Facebook. I’m also on Patreon and wherever Anchor podcasts are distributed.

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

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