Journaling Exercise: How are You Dealing with Your Family?

Hello, my Dottlings!

I’m sure by now we need a little decompression. I love my family and I’m always happy to see them, but I’m not going to pretend they don’t bring up thoughts and feels. I’m not even saying it’s their fault. The situation may be different for you. Even the most loving of found family can work your nerves. Especially around this time of the year.

Unlike our usual exercises, I’m not sharing my entry for this one. Some of the people I love the most are probably going to read this. Yes, I am copping out on my own blog. We worked through a lot of our issues when I got a divorce.

If you need to talk you can reach me for a reading at I also have a link tree for all the random places you can find me.

Safe Travels and Much Profit to You.

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I am so grateful that I am doing what I love. Fortune telling came to me when I was thirteen, but magic has always been a part of my life. Both have allowed me to help people with all manner of spiritual concerns. This business gives me a way to share my love and assist others in figuring out their lives.

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