Journaling Exercise: How Are We Doing with New Year’s Resolutions?

Hello, My Dottlings!

It’s time for the new year. What are you leaving behind and what are you taking with you? What do we need to do to make that happen? Here’s what I’m doing.

First, let’s pick something that is just a little harder than we think we can do. Personally, I have a lot of ideas, but let’s make a plan that might actually work. One idea is to have my taxes done as early as possible. You know what, let’s just go with that one. Pick your own. Try to use positive statements and remember I am not an expert.

How can we break up this task? This is a scary step for me. It can be a bit overwhelming, but this is a big task that has to be done. Even if what you pick is not so dire it’s still something you really want. By breaking all the steps up and lining them out it’s possible to arrange them and prepare each step. Hint, scheduling deadlines should be one.

For our example:

  • Organizing Receipts
  • Making Sure I Have All of the Forms that Come In
  • Putting Important Dates in my Calendar
  • Investing in a Bookkeeping System
  • Making an Appointment with an Accountant
  • Making a List of Questions to Ask the Accountant

Make sure you have a reliable schedule-keeping system. I use an app. My mom kept a datebook. People seemed really into journals there for a while. Whatever works for you. I didn’t use anything for a long time. It’s not remotely an opinion now. If you can’t schedule anything, check out How-to-ADHD on youtube.

It’s important to remember that these individual tasks take time. A schedule should reflect that. Let’s set a round idea of how long these tasks are going to take. I’m going to double that. These things just take me longer than they should.

Put them on the schedule, set your alarms, and figure out your reward system. You just completed a task on your list, what is a small way to celebrate? For a habit, like you’re trying to start exercising, what are you doing for yourself when you reach a goal?

I’m also getting some content lined up for the New Year. If you want to keep up with everything I’m doing, check out my Facebook. You can help me reach my goals at Patreon.

Safe Travels and Much Profit to You!

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