Journaling Exercise: Happy Holidays!

Hello, my Dottlings!

This can be a very difficult time of year for some of us out there. I hope to bring a little cheer to everyone but especially them. Let’s talk about the good times with the people we know won’t be coming to any more holidays. I know I can think of a few faces I miss desperately.

Our family only ever decorated for Christmas. My dad would hide in his room as we dressed the house in holiday nick-knacks and frosted it with tinsel. Mom would put music on and we would get to work like little elves.

Once the tree was up and the lights were on you couldn’t see the tv. It wasn’t a very big house anyway, but it was full of cheer. Right to the brim.

Dad would come out of his room to put one decoration on the tree. Then we would turn on all the lights and admire our work as a family.

Let me know what you miss about the holidays.

Safe Travels and Much Profit to You.

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