Journaling Exercise: How Do You Clear The Energy In Your House?

Hello, My Dotlings!

How do you clear out the stagnant energy in your space? I’m not talking about fighting some great dark force pointed at you. That’s a subject for another day, but how do you get started again when you find yourself low?

Yes, we’ve probably talked about this before. As a psychic and a person with mental health issues, this is something I must do regularly.

I like to start with actual cleaning. This time it was a deep clean of half my kitchen. Why clean? Why half your kitchen? I pretend you ask. Let’s just go with that.

So cleaning is always a good thing. “Dark energy” for lack of a better term tends to gather in the same places that dirt does. Think about it under beds, in corners, closets. Although I don’t think could find the room to hide in my closet. I think there are a couple of reasons. The first being we start to be discussed with them. We see the dirt and, unless you are a very clean person, we walk by it with disdain at its existents. We charge the dust with negative energy in layers. That’s part of why hoarding can get so out of hand. We wait for the energy in us to clean it out the mess but can’t find it. The bigger the pile the more energy it takes to work on it. Not only that, but at some point, it can be physically difficult to go through the stuff you were so excited to buy, but the moment you set it down it became part of the mess.

My room and I have some problems in the relationship that I’m sure are mostly my fault. I’m trying. It’s not that bad. I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

The second reason is they’re often hard to see or at the very least tend to go unoccupied. The reason they get filled with stuff is that no one is hanging out there. I really hope someone comments saying they hang out under their own bed all the time. What are you hiding from? Really though unless there’s something going on or your decorator is a genus the corners and the closet are not going to be the first place you going to look. I only look under the bed when I’m cleaning.

On to the next question. Why half the kitchen? Well, the kitchen is where we prepare and store what we take in. Any time I help with a house cleansing or deal with miss placed spirits I start by locking down the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house and where we prepare what we’re going to take in. It’s also where we clean the things we eat with. The kitchen is the warm heart of a living space and place that can get the grossest. Maybe the second.

Okay, by why only half of the kitchen? I cleaned all my spoons and ran out at the same time. You can only do what you can do. Half the kitchen is all my brain would let me do.

Let me know how you start your house cleansing in the comments. You can also check me out on YouTube, Facebook, and wherever Anchor podcasts are distributed.

Safe Travel and Much Profit To You.

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