Events & Business

Want to provide insight and clarity to the guests of your next fair, festival, party, or community event? I am glad to help! To provide a great experience to your guests there needs to be adequate space, privacy, and distance from other elements of your event to facilitate a comfortable and undistracted reading, and the ability to discuss their reading with privacy. In addition to the costs below, tips of gratitude and for exceptional service are appreciated.

Travel expenses may be charged depending on the distance.

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Ex: Mary’s 25th Birthday, Acme Company’s Employee Appreciation Night, Anytown’s 6th Annual Chili Cookoff, etc.
Address including street, city, state, zip, floor/suite/apt., etc.
The time you expect Dottie The Psychic to be ready to take her first client, or the actual start time of the event.
The time you expect Dottie The Psychic to be finished with her last client, or the actual end time of the event.
Please describe the event, any additional information you feel would help me best serve you or your business, any questions you have, etc.
Bookings for events are made in 2-HR intervals and typically for 2-HR or 4-HR durations. Multiday events and longer durations require discussion. Max readings in 2-HR events is 6, Max readings in 4-HR events is 12. If your event is 1 HR or 3 HRS, round up.
Please review the Cancellation Policy. If you have questions, please Contact Me before submitting a booking.