Dottie really enjoys collaborating with authors and guests during her videos regarding a wide variety of topics.

Author Submission: After submitting your request, we will contact you to provide a press kit including the author’s biography and background, book information, preferred headshot and product shot for promotional materials, and suggested questions or topics of discussion, and we will ensure you have the address information to mail a copy of the book. PDF copies of the author’s books are also acceptable.

For full promotional opportunity, authors and guests are typically booked for dates at least 3 weeks in the future. While early submissions are greatly appreciated, earlier scheduling may be possible, but will not provide the typical promotional coverage afforded to other authors and guests.

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On the date of live or recording video, the author or guest will have access to a computer with webcam, microphone, headset, with a wired/wireless home/business broadband internet connection of at least 30Mbps or higher, barring any abnormal or atypical situation.