How am I Doing?

Hello, My Dottlings! 

I started Dottie the Psychic as an attempt to make a living at what I love.  Even the aches and pains of trying to make a career out of a hobby have not deterred me.  Over the last couple of years, something has changed.  My focus has shifted. Don’t get me wrong I still need to make a living, but slowly I’ve realized I love saying nice things about people.  I know it sounds stupid, but try it.  Call or text someone you like and tell them why. It really does feel good.

Where am I going with this?  Mostly, I’m asking for feedback, ideas, and 5-star reviews on Google. This directly affects my quality.

I want to know how I can improve the experience of all my Dottlings.  The videos and these journal exercises are supposed to help people find some joy in life.  It helps if I can fix the things that seem minor to me, but drive everyone else in the world crazier. 

My patrons, subscribers, and clients are the people I want to generally please the most, but I also want to help meld the greater psychic community.  My colleges are important to me. They are the faces of the community.  The people that have opened themselves up to all the strange children looking for guidance.  It would be so cool to someday have the shops or creators I’ve hosted come to me and say,” This has been a great month.  A bunch of new people came in because they heard about me from you.” “Yeah, they said you’re funny and really helped them feel better about themselves.” 

All That being said I want to open up the flow around these blogs.  I want to understand what you are looking for.  I want to see your perspective.  I want to know how I can help you. 

Let me know in the comments.  Remember to send your email to join my mailing list at

Safe Travel and Much Profit to Ya!

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What is on Your To-Do List and How are You Planning on Getting it Done?

Hello, My Dottlings!

By this point, most of us have completely abandoned our New Years’ Resolution. I have dropped a few, but there is one that I really need to do and I haven’t. I am presently staring at a pile of paperwork that I promised myself and told my fans I would have done…

I have been riding a wave of project inspiration that has left my room full of things to make to sell at events that I have not signed up for yet.

Sidetrack: If there is an event you would like to see Dottie the Psychic at, leave it in the comments below. I’m not sure I’m going to set up, but I would love to vlog for you guys. Right now I’m only signed up for two events.

There are so many things on my plate that I’m writing this LATE… again. I’m also doing this right now because I told myself I would work on my taxes today and they are scary. I would really rather take a nap. It’s defiantly affecting my journal exercises.

So What am I going to do about it:

  • 1st- I’m going to go get some coffee and remind myself that I am bigger than the problems I face. Most of us have had to do taxes before. We can call this step taking a breath and a break.
  • 2nd- Start some music. Clean some space off this deck that 100% reflects the inside of my brain. I also put a sticky note with my next task on my computer where I can see it but don’t have to stare at it. We can call this step “setting the stage.” This can become a distraction. That’s why the sticky note.
  • 3rd- Open the program. Panic. Close the program. Look at the sticky note. Remind myself that if I don’t get this done then this feeling is going to get even worse until I do it. We can all this step existential crises. You can skip this step if you like.
  • 4th- Open the program and start. It doesn’t matter how you start. Just pick a weak point and hit it. Take one bite at a time.
  • 5th- Take a break. Take a walk. Drink some water
  • 6th- Get back to it.
  • Repeat 5th and 6th till done.

Here is a video with some better ideas. Wish me luck.

How to Homework: Top 10 Tips for ADHD Success

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

What Do You Do to Bring Prosperity to Your Life?

Hello, My Dottlings!

Prosperity is one of the top three things I get asked about as a psychic.  It’s part of my job to help people to be open to letting prosperity flow in.  It seems like it would be easy, but even I have a hard time saying yes to what I need to live a better life. 

Sometimes all you have to do is start taking care of yourself a little. Like drinking more water. As we let the water flow into us we can bring things in with it.  Thoughts and ideas flow like the water in and help us wash out things that no longer work for our situation.  

Cleaning out the workspace is also a great way to make space for new things.  Okay, I’m not going to just make this a list of things I need to do. At this point, the struggle to keep my room in a state that I can actually work in is a running joke. It really does help when I get it to where I can actually work. 

The big takeaway here is you can make prosperity part of your award system for completing tasks.  It feels good to complete a task.  We should internalize that sense of accomplishment.  We’ll talk about reducing some of the impediments in different journal exercises. 

Let me know in the comments what you do to help you feel more prosperous.  If you like these exercises let me know by leaving me a 5-star review on Google

If I Ever Catch Up I’ll be Dangerous!

Hello, My Dottlings!

I am working on some behind-the-scenes stuff for the next couple of weeks.  I know that I say that a lot, but my team and I will be making some changes and catching up with some things.  Like taxes.  Wish me luck.  They are going to be a mess this year. 

My private clients and my Dottlings of the Golden Dole will of course be getting preferential treatment.  I should be able to keep this train on the track, but that’s what is going on if we jump it.   

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

Why We Should Collaborate

Hello my Dottlings.  As some of you may know I have a Livestream/podcast that is doing pretty well but figuring out how to approach potential guests is hard. To do that I kind of need a template letter.  If there is anything I should change let me know in the comments below. 

Hi I’m Dottie the Psychic,

Would you be interested in collaboration over a Livestream?

Once a month I host metaphysical entrepreneurs, spiritual influencers, and the like. Your work is intriguing and I would like to know more.

Wondering why you should be interested in my work?  Well, I’m glad to tell you.  I’m a professional psychic and metaphysical influencer.  I’ve been on the KC Armstrong podcast through PBN Podcasts.  I have produced over 100 videos related to my subject. If you are interested in learning more please check out the links provided. 

Hope to hear from you soon. 

Safe Travel and Much Profit to Ya!

–Dottie the Psychic

You can find my work at:

Okay, so this is a blatant attempt to squeeze every drop of content out of my work as possible.  That being said I really do need a little help with this.

I also need a subject line. 

Leave your subject line in the comments.  The best line gets a free reading. 

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What is Going on in Your Life?

Hello, My Dottlings! 

It’s been and is going to be a busy week.  If you’re reading this on my Patreon then you have a chance to catch my Livestreams with Lady Gwendolen tonight at 8 pm on Divination Night, with KC Armstrong on Thursday tomorrow at 2 PM on PBN, and then Tea and Coffee with Aeson tomorrow at 8 pm.   I’m spending all of Friday on a train.  All Saturday in New York City to shoot, and see my billboard that isn’t approved as of the writing of this blog. Back on the train Sunday.  Monday is office hours and editing and I think I will take Tuesday off. Maybe work on another project.  

I have reached a very happy point.  About a week ago I was able to look right in the mirror and say nice things to myself.  It’s no secret that I deal with depression, so that was a huge victory for me.  For a few days, I was one hundred percent okay with who I am.  I just wanted to share that with you guys.   You are my Dottlings and you make this all possible.  I really hope you enjoy everything my team and I are putting out there.  I genuinely appreciate your participation. 

I would genuinely like to know what you would like to see more of in the comments below.  If you miss my live streams on YouTube and Facebook you can find them on my podcast.  Just search for Dottie the Psychic and while you’re at it a 5-star review on Google goes a long way. 

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What Would You Tell a Scared Parent with a Child When Something is Going Bump in the Night?

Hello, My Dottlings!

Some of you may know I have a Youtube channel where I discuss all things psychic and some things LGBT. If you have ever followed a psychic Youtuber then you know we all have to put out an energetic self defiance video and now It’s my turn.  Most of them are okay, a lot of them are intolerable.   Very few are geared toward the average person that is in over their head yet accommodating to the more experienced practitioner.   I want to fill a real gap in knowledge.  Let’s lay out a plan for a non-spiritual parent with a child that is scared of something they don’t understand.  Maybe also a teenager that skewed up playing with something they didn’t understand.   

I would love to hear your thoughts. I may use some comments in the video, so let me know if you want to be anonymous.

Safe Travel and Much Profit to Ya! 

Are You Staying Down or Getting Back Up and Trying Again?

Hello, My Dottlings! 

Nearly every year I make a resolution and by March I have no idea what it was.  I have to meet some of my goals to remain an LLC.  Folly is not an option. I will get my taxes in order early this year. 

I did get the kitchen and the bathrooms clean and did one 30min exercise video I found on youtube mostly.  I started late on my smoking cessation, but I have gone a full day without a cigarette.  I’m also waiting on a covid test response. Hopefully, by the time you read this, It’ll be at least three days without a cigarette and I’ll have found out I’m negative. Cross your fingers for me.  

If you missed the starting bell for your New Years’ resolution, start right now with the plan.  Every day is the first day of the rest of your life.  Remember this is a marathon.  Take heart, my friend.  We can accomplish great things together, doing one small thing at a time. 

Y’all I was going to make a much longer pep talk but I got distracted and started working on my taxes and things. The point is time is going to pass whether we use it or not.  I choose to use it for all it’s worth.

If you would also like to get some value for my time check out my link tree.  That way you can see everything I’m doing.

Safe Travel and Much Profit to You!

What Do You Want to Bring With You Into the New Year?

Hello, My Dottlings!

It’s the time of the year for resolutions. If you don’t have any I don’t blame you. How about instead we take a minute to give ourselves credit for what we have done right and want to keep doing. If you’ve been watching my other social media you know that 2021 was a trip.

Y’all we survived another year.

My big achievement this year is getting Dottie the Psychic up and going. The idea of youtube videos and professional readings began in 2016, but it’s been a bumpy road with many stall-outs and restarts. That may be why my YoutTube channel hasn’t received appropriate attention from the YouTube algorithm.

Skipping ahead four years. During early 2021 things really got serious. Much thanks to a friend giving me some serious road opener oil. I’ve had a lot of help along the way. Aeson and Joe helped me figure out the day-to-day structure. My family’s love and support. Michelle setting up the LLC. Most of all my clients, followers, and readers. Thank you all.

This is just the beginning. We have so much farther to go. This, my life’s work, is what I am bringing into the New Year. May it be a prosperous and joyous one. If you would Like to be a part of that please consider following me on YouTube, or joining my Patreon.

Special thanks to the Golden Dole:

Beth Mullins

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Safe Travel and Much Profit to Ya!

Journaling Exercise: How Are We Doing with New Year’s Resolutions?

Hello, My Dottlings!

It’s time for the new year. What are you leaving behind and what are you taking with you? What do we need to do to make that happen? Here’s what I’m doing.

First, let’s pick something that is just a little harder than we think we can do. Personally, I have a lot of ideas, but let’s make a plan that might actually work. One idea is to have my taxes done as early as possible. You know what, let’s just go with that one. Pick your own. Try to use positive statements and remember I am not an expert.

How can we break up this task? This is a scary step for me. It can be a bit overwhelming, but this is a big task that has to be done. Even if what you pick is not so dire it’s still something you really want. By breaking all the steps up and lining them out it’s possible to arrange them and prepare each step. Hint, scheduling deadlines should be one.

For our example:

  • Organizing Receipts
  • Making Sure I Have All of the Forms that Come In
  • Putting Important Dates in my Calendar
  • Investing in a Bookkeeping System
  • Making an Appointment with an Accountant
  • Making a List of Questions to Ask the Accountant

Make sure you have a reliable schedule-keeping system. I use an app. My mom kept a datebook. People seemed really into journals there for a while. Whatever works for you. I didn’t use anything for a long time. It’s not remotely an opinion now. If you can’t schedule anything, check out How-to-ADHD on youtube.

It’s important to remember that these individual tasks take time. A schedule should reflect that. Let’s set a round idea of how long these tasks are going to take. I’m going to double that. These things just take me longer than they should.

Put them on the schedule, set your alarms, and figure out your reward system. You just completed a task on your list, what is a small way to celebrate? For a habit, like you’re trying to start exercising, what are you doing for yourself when you reach a goal?

I’m also getting some content lined up for the New Year. If you want to keep up with everything I’m doing, check out my Facebook. You can help me reach my goals at Patreon.

Safe Travels and Much Profit to You!